Where do i begin?

Important milestones in the au-chew history

  1. We met on July 2nd 2005 at a roof top clubbing party at market street (what else did you expect really)
  2. i thought he was gay at that point (he spent more time talking to my male friend than me)
  3. we realised we had similar interests in music
  4. shortly after, we became great club buddies
  5. Went to our first zouk out together in nov 05
  6. got together in jan 2006 (date of anniversary is still a disputed thing, there is the day that my mom referred to him as the BF and some random other date.. now i’m also confused which is the right date)
  7. proposed on 15th jan 2007 along the river place that is now the floating platform. Only he snooked me by not proposing during the dinner but at the river place as we got up leave and he was pretending to have problems getting up and asked me to help him up. then he asked me to marry him. only well, i was very stunned so i paused,conversation went something like this after that “will you marry me” “huh? you’re kidding right?” “no lah! hurry up can?! my knees are killing me” “huh? um… okay lor”
  8. it’s all his fault for spoiling the moment.
  9. ROMed jan 09 with whole kampung in tow.
  10. We had trouble keeping a straight face during the ceremony cause it was so ridiculously solemn. and it didnt help that the woman started with. THIS IS A SOLEMN CEREMONY.
  11. jet couldnt open up the ring box and so i asked very loudly ‘they are in there right?’ causing the whole room to laugh too. (see it wasnt just us who wanted to laugh)
  12. I left my flowers on the table (i’ve never received flowers, believe the money shld be spent on food, not flowers) and then the flowers leaked water on to the table, so when it was time to sign on the thing, there was a huge pool of water on the table. All the aunties came forward with tissue to help clean the table otherwise we couldnt sign the thing.. AHHAHAHAHAHA
  13. ROM day started with a nice dim sum lunch and then ROMed then Tea with friends then we wanted to go play Left for Dead with friends but ended up playing mah jong thru the night cause no slot.

Other things you never knew about us..

  1. jet was a fat baby and a fat kid, well and actually a fat adult now.. ahahahha. his nick name as a kid was fei zai! he claims at some point that he had 4 pecs. i will believe this when i proof of it.
  2. there is a famous mustache shot with me and my gfs taken after the ROM as according to them, i am now able to grow one and jet will still have to love me. it has since been a traditional shot.
  3. jet went to monash to study but really only remembers the food he ate there
  4. he once fainted while cycling home with dinner in Melbourne, when he came to, he asked where his fried chicken dinner was
  5. my mom calls jet, DODO! and he calls her THE SCARY MAMA and it’s even listed in his phone
  6. jet knows the way to my heart is thru MY stomach
  7. when we first met, jet had more shoes and more facial products that i did (now i think he has the same number). he still nags me to moisturize constantly.
  8. we have a ‘you’re closer you do’ rule, unfortunately, too much effort is usually spent by both parties to get further away from the task (window/ light switch / fan) in order to avoid doing the task.
  9. i have no engagement ring, i have an engagement TV.
  10. jet has a very bad memory but makes up for it by being very paitient (i am tasked to remember what food he likes and doesnt like)
  11. i am usually tackless, but i have a good memory
  12. If you get a chance, you shld ask jet’s friends about the time he got drunk at st james.
  13. people used to think i was my cousin’s younger brother or a jap boy when i was growing up.

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