weird dreams are made of these..

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man, i think my sub consciousness is trying to remind me that the wedding is near.. had two dreams recently

the first dream was sometime last week where it was the our wedding day only we had to back to the registry of marriages.  The reason for this is because we had registered for than a year before our actual wedding and they wanted to go thru what our marriage vows were again.  They were afraid we’d forget.  So we had to pack the whole kumpung of people to ROM, have them read it to us again, show us the cert and then send us off to the wedding dinner.  Only we had to take a public bus to the wedding dinner.  in our formal wear.  So the whole kumpung piles onto the bus that is already crowded with random other people and suddenly, jet whispers to me that we need to get off at the next stop.  I’m like, but we’re not at the hotel, and then he says we need to go meet his grandpa (this is actually true to a certain extent cause i’ve not met his grandpa who lives in m’sia).

so we sneak off the bus and go into this old hdb neighbourhood, it’s almost like the scene in the matrix where neo goes to see the “there is no spoon” woman type of place.  so we take a lift and we’re at this floor which is an old folks’ home.  and instead of meeting his grandpa, we meet the old man’s friends from the home and don’t actually meet him.

then (and this is the real kicker) jet whisks me off to go a take that concert with pam and lisa!! yes we skipped our own wedding to go watch take that!  i was very excited and we had row two tickets (well pam and lisa were in the cheap seats section way back) and i realise he managed to get these tickets because
*drum roll*

JET IS AN EX TAKE THAT MEMBER!! (i dunno why he could only get two tickets at row two but that’s how it was).  and it turns out that it is also is a take that and spice girls concert and they kept coming up to talk to him during the concert.  After the concert, we go backstage and i meet robbie and mark and jet intros me as his wife and i tell them they need to do an asian tour and come to singapore for a concert.  (that’s also when i realised we had flown out of the country for the concert and my guess was that we were in the O2 arena in the UK).

then i woke up.  BOO.  this was a dream that i did not want to wake up from.  SIGH….

Oh and the second dream was not a good one.  actually it was more like a nightmare!  this one occurred this week!

again, it’s our wedding day, this time it’s just before the dinner and i’m getting my make up done.  Only jet keeps coming up to me to ask the most inane questions like, can the band play this song, my friend wants to hear it, my friends wants to have their kids as our flower girls etc etc. MY GOD, i think i lost it in my dream cause at the point my make up was still not done and i didnt have the right foundation or powder for the make up artiste to use so she had to redo it or something.

And! suddenly jet and i had to go out and get something, me with my make up half done, hair in rollers and in my evening dress and him in his suit walking out of the hotel to get something (dunno what the something is).  Going back, we are walking up hill with like hordes of people walking in the opposite direction.  I mumble to jet, must be a concert just ended, then we see a lot of young kids ( 9 to 13 yr olds) with their parents so we’re like..hmm what sort of concert was it, then we go into a building and it’s like some druggie area an we realise we’re in the wrong building. then we walk out of it.

By this time, i’m feeling very icky and hot and even though the hotel is just like round the corner, i insist on boarding a taxi to the hotel.  then we realise hmm, its only 6pm! i can go take a shower and nap first! and why are our stupid wedding guests all so early!! we get off the taxi, while jet is paying, three girls want to board it, and i swear they were hookers going out to orchard towers or something.  I start to have misgivings about the hotel we have booked and then in the lobby there was this interactive promotional booth thing which told us that the hotel was just newly purchased by a Nordic company so it’s going to have a facelift soon. we stare at it blankly and head up to the hotel room where i get my much deserved rest and shower but not before i shove jet out of the room and told him to go down to the ballroom lobby, stay there, entertain the guests and stop coming up to ask me stupid questions.  the answer would be no!

then i woke up.

my god, i woke up in cold sweat and in a semi panic attack. and have since told jet not to do this on our wedding day but could he please be an ex member of take that or at least bring me and the girls to go watch it.