i can haz kitchen

we have an OVEN! and a stove and a hood and a layout for the kichen.. YAY! oh and we also bought the sinks! woot!  it felt a bit surreal spending that much money in less than 5 hours.. hahaha.. 

who would have thought that we could get so excited (and spend so much time!) over sinks and taps.  my god, we basically spent a day looking at sinks and taps and after a while, they all started looking the same to me, and also, i got quickly distracted by jacuzzis and steambaths.. for about 8k i can have a steam bath thing in my toilet.  i think that is still cheaper than 1) club membership, 2) gym membership, 3) staying in a condo.. unfortunately, jet doesnt seem to see my point of view on this matter. BLEAHG. 

we also spent another whole day looking at lights and another day looking at furniture.  i think it’s been established that i have a ‘golden mouth’ (according to jet anyway) and now apparently i have golden eyes and golden backside.  it seemed that everything i picked out or liked was damn ex.. GAH. the lights i wanted for the bedroom were about 500 each, living room and dining table were 600 which is crazy ex..oh and we saw this light that was suppose to be touch activated only it didnt work with me.. i almost broke the thing trying to tap it to work.  the salesman was quite amused but the thing worked when jet was touching me and i was touching the lamp.. it was very odd, i also dunno why it didnt work with me.. 

and then there was the sofa which i fell in love with. of all the sofa sets, i liked the sofa that was 3k plus which was also filled with goose down so it was like sitting on pillows! light and fluffy! yeah but i don think we’d be getting it, while they are nice for now, i read that it might clump after a while and i’m also afraid of the cats (note the S at the end of that word jet!) peeing and scratching it. sigh.  

oh but we did see this lovely bed frame that we both loved, that wasnt PVC leather (i don’t like!) and wood (jet thinks he will hit his head on it.. sigh.. )/  it was made of fabric like a fabric sofa.. um.. yeah i don’t know how to describe it and i can’t find anything like that online. so i guess we have to get it for me to post a photo of it here. 

we also saw this interesting coffee table which allows you to flip the top up to eating level when you sit on the sofa.. quite cool esp for jet who likes to eat dinner in front of the tv.  unfortunately it only came in this glossy black finish which i didnt like so.. my first instinct is to get my contractor to built it for us instead.. 

we still have a lot of reno work athead of us, most impt now is to get the air con thing sorted out.. sigh,. no reno work can start before aircon, oh and we also need to go report the bajillion defects in the house gah.  no reno can start until those are reported.. at our ridiculous slow rate, who knows when we’ll be able to move in man.. 


just plain gorgeous – part two

this is really pretty and i’d like to try to do something like that in our living area or dining area


instructions found here.. do check out the rest of the site called ikea hackers esp their hacks of the year.. interesting reads…