final moments before the day

today was suppose to be a relaxing day, turned out to be quite a event-filled one, went to do my nails (with tonnes of bling btw!!), last min errands, had the girls come over to get dresses, check house, set up webcam, just chat. sue’s mom passed me two beautiful floral arrangements (pictures next time) put up double happiness stickers, last min rush to finish packing the house, pack my bags for the hotel etc..

jet had to go bank get ang pow money, and then go with ahmad to go get the flowers and the car decorated write his speech, change table seat plan etc etc…

and now it’s past midnight.. OMG WE’RE GETTING MARRIED TODAY!!!!!

okay it’s past midnight.. time to sleeeeeeeeeep



After a very stressful afternoon, I am pleased to announce that the table seating chart is DONE!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

things left to do

  1. collect dresses (some of the dresses didnt fit the girls.. who ask you all to lose weight!)
  2. buy photo frames
  3. buy jet’s shoes
  4. buy comp
  5. set up web cam
  6. go thru seating chart with minyi
  7. do nails
  8. go for spa
  9. send mom to hairdresser
  10. pack up the house a bit more
  11. collect head flower thing from kevin
  12. send hotel final list
  13. send hotel photo
  14. write thank you speech
  15. pay people!
  16. GET MARRIED!!!