Bespoke jewellery

Okay, I remembered that I have a friend who designs bespoke jewellery (both for weddings and otherwise) so I contacted her and got links to her website and Facebook page.

She said that the way she does things is that she starts off by finding out your budget and then working something out based on it.  For weddings she does mostly rings but I figured that if you want a necklace or earrings to go with your dress, why not custom design them right?  Can take a look lah.

Layered necklaces with rose de france


Just plain gorgeous

these are just gorgeous! thanks to sue for recommending this site!

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Idea for guest book

Yes, I know Singaporeans are infinitely uncreative and will more likely leave food stains on it, but I suppose you could have the usual standard big album book with the gold and silver markers for the old foggies people to sign in (don’t forget to think of what photo/design to stick in the centre of the page to decorate the big album book), and you could also have some of these by the side so that any of your friends who are creative/sporting enough can choose that instead.

Ummm… in the first place, make sure that you have enough friends who are that sporting.  If it’s just me and 2 others, no point also lah.

Then you can leave space in the big album book to add all these little sheets in later.  And speaking of which… what do people do with the big album book anyway???