ode to my ahmad

so our ahmad* for the wedding was quite hyped up to wear the complete chauffeur get up with the skinny tie, black suit and hat but had difficulty finding said hat.  I had seen this hat while shopping for Kevin’s skipper hat for our photoshoot (which btw, HE DID NOT WEAR!!) but wasn’t sure about buying it cause while Keeve has a big head, this was a really big hat.   Fast forward to this week, keeve volunteers to brave the crazy weather and crowds at orchard road to go get this hat at FEP (perhaps it is also partly because of all the XMMs he will get to see while there!).

then yesterday i get a text from him saying “ZOMG! maybe i shld wear a mask and be Kato from Green Hornet.  lulz”.  i groaned inwardly knowing this could not be a good thing.  read about his great hat here.

oh and keeve, if you want I can get Mish to bling up your hat for you, but you must make hard gay sounds and action!

* local slang for driver


Dear Boss Woman with the clipboard

So two months ago when the MOH and I were discussing jie meis and roles, she decided that while I had male jie meis,the girls would be in the main jie meis and decision makers while the boys would be calefare / extras.  When I mentioned this to henry, he went “NOOOOOOOOOO DAPHIEEEEEEEEEE I WANT TO BE A FULL FLEDGED JIE MEI, NOT CALEFARE.. ” I told him it was really out of my hands cause these things were decided by Lisa Chong, my Maid of Honour and I was going to respect that.  What I offered instead was to write a letter of recommendation for him, in the hopes to change her mind.  Henry was suppose to put this together with his application for jie meis and resume, but he never did!!  So here’s what I wrote for him.

Letter of Recommendation [you want to click it click it]

(btw, lisa chong has since said that he need not submit application form but an application video.  Henry has yet to do this… )


so we had a wedding ops meeting on sat and all the jie meis and some of the heng tais to come over to my place to go through the actual day’s programme. To thank all the heng tais we got them all cufflinks that we thought reflected their personality, like the two camera enthusiasts, abel and henry, got vintage camera cufflinks, keeve got a phone he had never reviewed before, AA received airplane cufflinkes, kev got anchor cufflinks, chris got rainbow ones, damien got wine bottle opener ones etc etc.

after going through the schedule (I DID A PPT PRESENTATION OKAY !!!) we chased the jet and his only heng tai (one left early, the rest didnt come) out of the house so that the jie meis could plan what was required in the tribute ceremony. My jie meis actually consist of 6 girls (including two who can’t make it in the morning due to work overseas) and 5 male jie meis and one ahmad chauffeur. Most of them have only done this jie mei thing once at my other gf’s wedding last mth or in the case of the guys, been on the other side as a heng tai (see next post for letter of recommendation written to MOH on behalf of the guys to be a jie mei). There were quite a lot of ideas tossed around and the tribute ceremony lasts for one hour. We know they will get here on time cause my friend is the chauffeur (yes it was all part of my cunning plan).

While the rest of the ideas are TOP SEKRET! jet has been informed that he needs to get his men (men in tights! tight tights!) to learn the dance moves in this video. Funnily enough, this idea came all the way from my gf in japan. HEEE. It was quite funny cause a few of us started learning the dance ourselves, with Henry being the best at it and amusing my mother to no end. I think henry said something about putting it as his ring tone.. AHAHAHHA

Jet was also told that he could skip the entire one hour of tribute ceremony if he brought the girls furla bags and me a miu miu (the boys led by aaron said nice wallets would be enough for them!), but jet decided that the one hour might be easier than the bags.


here are the english lyrics.. AHAHAHAH

Open your eyes, look your feet, so many things are dubious.
Call your name, make you muddle, test how deep my love is.v

Elevator, neon bulbs, so restrained dancing in the crowd.
Hold on to me, dont go with the air, Ill keep the wind off behind your back.

Oh~ You are a flower for me, I want have you to, arrangement in my heart.
Oh~ You are a flower for me, I will protect you, clean obstructions for you.
Oh~ You are a flower for me, although so many gravels, on your side to block.
Oh~ You are a flower for me, without sleep and rest, I love you all day long..

No matter how much you confused, I would never, changed the color of my love?
You are my joyful source, you and i will be, in that paradise to live.

and check out this other one which has LIVE DANCING so it’s actually doable.. hee hee he