So we’re having a big ass wedding..

well, technically, we’re already married.  We’ve had our civil ceremony more than a year back but now comes the time when we have to get off our bums and actually go through the entire traditional ceremony and have me in a big white gown.

There’s so many things to be done! I’m already having panic attacks and we’ve only started the planning process.  I feel the time line is already very tight considering the wedding is to happen in Nov this year.  It usually takes a good 12 mths to plan something and we’re entering it 4 months late.  GROANS.

You see, we initially wanted to do a beach side wedding with good food and close friends and family joining us in our celebrations after the whole morning affair.  Unfortunately, the mother in law came to me one day and asked if I/we could reconsider these plans.  After much thought and realising how much this meant to her, I gave in and agreed to this big wedding.

Do I resent the decision?  To be honest, yes a little.  I mean the beach wedding was my dream wedding and well, this is hers.  But I figured we could always do both and also seriously, I did not want this hanging over my head in years to come.  At the end of the day, we were already married and having good relations with the in laws was more important in the bigger scheme of things.  Besides, we could always have our beach wedding as an anniversary / renewal of vows much later in life.

So anyway, I decided, since we are doing this, we might as well do it in my/our style and at least enjoy the day.  I’m glad for the various friends that have volunteered to help out and already are to make our big day a great one.