I insist that if we do hold the wedding there, the hotel must be referred to at all times as “Hyatttttttttttttttt!” (yes, in that Bruce Lee voice).

Anyway, yes we went for the second recce today.  Plus points, well cost I suppose, and menu, and the fact that their chefs only cook for banquets I suppose.  Mandy is also very professional, and I’m sure that if we run into any snag she can sort it out for us.  Oh, and the band stage too, whoopee!  Hotel is also outside ERP (turning into the car park and manoeuvring past all the ah lians blithely talking on their phones and strolling to/from Far East Plaza is going to be a nightmare though….)

Minus points: well ballroom height (3.8m), carpet colour (dated green), car park to lobby a bit cock.  Oh well.

And I insist: I won on aggregate! 😀


Hilton Hyatt Hotel Hubbub

Hello!  This is AA, also known as The J-thing.  It is no secret that the J-thing’s lifelong ambition in, er… life, is to be a jack of all trades, master of one; so today the J-thing tries his hand at Wedding Planning!

Some of you might know that I am going to be very free till end of the year, so I volunteered to help Daphne and Jet plan their grand wedding, and so my first job was to secure the first thing you need before you can have a wedding… the venue.

(Actually the first thing you need is someone to get married to, but aiyah they already have that, so next is venue lor.)

Sourcing for a venue is not as easy as it sounds.  There are a few factors to consider: ambience, location, food, cost, tackiness (I can write a whole post just on this…), and most importantly of all: the hordes of other couples out there who are consulting the same feng shui masters, geomancers, taoist priests, tea leaves, shake-shake sticks and whatnots and thus will all be sniping for the same dates that you are.  I kid you not: Regent Hotel even publishes a list of official hotel-identified ‘auspicious dates’ which warrant a higher premium!

Anyhow, I volunteered to take up this drudging task because I actually like the whole humdrum of planning, programming, co-ordinating, etc.  Not to mention too that in true J-thing fashion, from my experience dealing with hotel banqueting departments, most of the catering execs tend to have really nice phone voices, hahahahaha!

Initially it wasn’t very promising: all the venues I called were fully booked for all the dates proposed.  I was quite disappointed that Pan Pac wasn’t available because I was kinda looking forward to Hai Tien Lo’s food, heh.  But just when things weren’t looking good, after a few more phone calls, I managed to identify a few potential venues.  Some of these gave us a pencil booking so we have first dibs for a week.  The others worked on a fastest finger first policy—meaning that whoever comes down to view the venue and put down a deposit first gets the tentative booking. -_-

So the past couple of days have been spent poring over the packages each venue has sent, and I sent them all to Daphne with my comments like so:

The Hilton's Menu

What they look like now....

Right now the 2 most interesting/enticing ones are the Hilton and Hyatt, which are where we’re going to recce first.  Tomorrow’s the Hilton, and we’ll see when the Hyatt can accommodate us.

On a side note, Daphne and I have a wager going on: of the 2, one venue’s wedding woman sounds like an aunty whereas the other’s has a damn sweet SYT voice lah.  Daphne says she bets that when we meet them, it’ll be the other way around, but I’m still hopeful.  Well, we’ll see tomorrow…. 😀