2016 Book Challenge – march update

given up – secret diary of a london call girl. cannot. it’s tries way too hard.

thinking of giving up – red house by mark haddon. who would have thought that this book would be so augh in the middle.

Completed (yay!) – Yes, my accent is real but Kunal Nayer. Fast and funny read. Loved it. totally had me smiling and laughing to myself on various modes of public transport like a crazy person. I love it cause it’s light, sincere and at the end of the day, he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Currently reading – Yes Please! by Amy Poehler. love what I’m reading so far. WOOT.

God it’s like 3 months into the year and i’ve only read..4 books out of 40. kill me please.

  1. Book based on fairy tale
  2. National Book Award winner 
  3. YA bestseller
  4. Book you haven’t read since high school
  5. Book set in your home state – emily of emily hill? i’m ashamed to say i’ve never read it.
  6. Book translated to English – Maybe Blindness by Jose Saramago. I’ve watched the movie and it was very disturbing and the reviews seem quite polarised, you either hate it or love it. I’m not sure how I feel about the movie tbh.
  7. Romance set in the future
  8. Book set in Europe – maybe The Red House by Mark Haddon.
  9. Book that’s under 150 pages
  10. New York Times’ bestseller
  11. Book that’s becoming a movie this year  Maybe the Danish Girl. Also, really? WOOL is becoming a movie? I still don’t know how I feel about that series.
  12. Book recommended by someone you just met
  13. A self-improvement book
  14. A book you can finish in a day
  15. a book written by a celebrity – maybe that Mindy Kaling book if i can find it. couldn’t find it. THIS IS DONE. Read Yes, my accent is real by Kunal Nayer. Good stuff. 
  16. a political memoir – hmm. well i have been meaning to read that LKY book. so maybe.
  17. a book at least 100 years older than you
  18. a book that’s more than 600 pages – maybe i’ll get round to finishing A feast of crows by George R R Martin. This is assuming he finishes the bloody series this year.
  19. a book from oprah’s book club
  20. A science fiction novel – THIS IS DONE. I read Parasite by Mira Grant  and it was awesome (it’s also a reread cause I wanted to read the sequel and could not remember much of it, and I don’t care. It still counts).
  21. a book recommended by a family member
  22. a graphic novel – current plan is to read Sandman by Neil Gaiman. I know I know, how is it that I’ve not read this. I do not know but hey at least I’m going to read it now?
  23. a book that is published in 2016
  24. a book with a protaganist who has your occupation – er…
  25. a book that takes place during Summer
  26. a book and its prequel
  27. a murder mystery
  28. a book written by a comedian – i want to read  *READING NOW*  Yes Please by Amy Poehler, if it is anything like Tina Fey’s bossy pants it will be a fun read. [YES IT IS!]
  29. a dystopian novel
  30. a book with a blue cover*READING NOW* This is Done! Symbiont by Mira Grant. Sequel to Parasite (book 20 on this list)
  31. a book of poetry – Recommended by Lisa C. TS Eliot’s Cats.
  32. the first book you see in a bookstore
  33. a classic from the 20th century – maybe catch 22 which has been on my book shelf for the longest time or
  34. a book from the library
  35. an autobiography
  36. a book about a road trip
  37. a book about a culture you’re unfamiliar with
  38. a satirical book – terry pratchett counts right? i have the last few of his books left to read.
  39. a book that takes place on an island
  40. a book that’s guaranteed to bring you joy – Recommended by Wee Jin – Spark Joy, An illustrated master class on the art of organising and tidying up by Marie Kondo. HMMM. the irony of it all considering how messy I am. Most people have forgotten the colour of my desk at work cause it’s always covered with papers.. Er.. organised mess?

Zombie Apocalypse Wedding Vows

So recently we’ve been watching The Walking Dead which is basically a zombie apocalypse TV series, but unlike the zombies in Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 (which Jet bought for me for Halloween!! woot but i can’t play cause I don’t have a decent comp set up yet.. long story, don’t ask), the zombies in this series then to be rather slow-moving ones. Having watched several zombie flicks together.. including personal favourites like 28 days later and 28 weeks late and of course ZOMBIELAND!!! (hur hur hur), we’re also constantly yelling at the characters in this TV series who don’t seem to know the general rules of surviving a zombie apocalypse, such as wasting bullets, aiming for heads, letting the bitten ‘live’ etc.  At moments like these, Jet and I always look at each other and say don’t worry, I promise to kill you if you get bitten by a zombie.  Yes I think this is as close as it gets for the au-chews as far as romantic gestures go. The more we watched, the more silly mistakes these characters made, the longer our list of promises got till it started to sound almost like wedding vows.  So here it is, ladies and gents wedding vows if you got married in a zombie apocalypse!

With this ring I thee wed,

To have and to hold

To never waste ammo

To always stick by your side and never split up,

To always cover each other, in all zombie attacks

I promise to aim for the heads, never other body parts

To always kill the infected, no matter who they are

And most of all, I promise to chop off your head swiftly if you get bitten by one of them.

We’ve also decided that melee weapons were the best choice of weapons compared to guns if you get swarmed by zombies, but we also know that Jet can’t seem to use them (we know this from L4D2), our defence positions would be me in front and him behind in the case of a zombie swarm attack.  We also decided that one of the best weapons was still the cross-bow, keeps a good distance, and reusable arrows! Unfortunately Jet does not think we need to buy one for our future place. BOO. I kept telling him what  if we get attacked by zombies!  Then i started looking around our current surroundings, and realised we were really poorly equipped to survive a zombie attack.  Unlike the youths at downtown east, we don’t have parangs and obviously we don’t have any guns.  And Jet’s already put his foot down on a cross-bow, so the only thing we will have is make shift molotov cocktails from the many bottles of alcohol we have.   What would you use to survive a zombie apocalypse?

bakkwa bouquet?

conversation that just happened with the mom

Mom: eh you see this bouquet of flowers, not bad right?

*she was looking at the far east flora catalogue*

Me: ?? *shurgs* I don’t like flowers

Mom: oh don’t get those new types that look so closely bundled

ugly 1

ugly 2

me: ngeh?? anyway i don’t like roses…

mom: -__- *obviously annoyed at her daugther’s lack of interest in flowers*

me: how about bakkwa bouquet!

mom: yar yar very funny.. but must cut into tiny pieces first, then you can put it in a hand basket and throw it along as you walk.

me: no need! just just get the shrink wrap type!

mom: -_________-

heh heh heh..

and check out these fugly bouquets. i mean seriously. wah lao eh. so ugly.

i mean why would you want your face on a bunch of flowers?!
or this!?

omg omg omg so ugly

seriously. seriously.. so ugly can?!