bakkwa bouquet?

conversation that just happened with the mom

Mom: eh you see this bouquet of flowers, not bad right?

*she was looking at the far east flora catalogue*

Me: ?? *shurgs* I don’t like flowers

Mom: oh don’t get those new types that look so closely bundled

ugly 1

ugly 2

me: ngeh?? anyway i don’t like roses…

mom: -__- *obviously annoyed at her daugther’s lack of interest in flowers*

me: how about bakkwa bouquet!

mom: yar yar very funny.. but must cut into tiny pieces first, then you can put it in a hand basket and throw it along as you walk.

me: no need! just just get the shrink wrap type!

mom: -_________-

heh heh heh..

and check out these fugly bouquets. i mean seriously. wah lao eh. so ugly.

i mean why would you want your face on a bunch of flowers?!
or this!?

omg omg omg so ugly

seriously. seriously.. so ugly can?!


don’t waste time with flowers

it’s great:
Bacon Rose