mondo update!!!

sorry for the lack of updates (unfortunately, it’s due to a lack of work done rather than too busy with wedding prep).  I’ve only restarted doing wedding prep again recently.

Let’s go through the list of things that have been done…

  1. Photographer has been booked! We are very pleased to be engaging Mr. Eugene Goh from Lightworks photography ( to capture the moments of our big day.  I really like his style and while it’s unfortunate that the second photographer is not Mr. S-Man, I’m sure that the other guy will be good too.  (Mr. S-Man still owes me a meal actually.. HAHAHA)
  2. Make Up Artiste has been booked! She’s such a pro and gave me such a good rate! I’m really lucky to have found Ms Paris Ziv of Le Stars Secrets to be my makeup artiste!
  3. We have changed our minds on the videographer and will not be engaging one
  4. All three dresses have been designed; we’ve bought the lace for the big white one but have yet to find the right lace for my evening dress.  It is almost impossible to find nice fuchsia lace.  BAH!
  5. Have picked out the material for mom’s evening dress and she is very pleased with it.  Design of her gown is also done.  WOOT

A few people have told me that I’m spending a lot more by not going through a bridal studio and using their packages, I actually think this is a misconception.  Okay, my photog is not cheap (he’s not ex either lah!) but I like the style / type of shots he can produce, plus I can an e copy of all the shots he takes etc.  From our one and only outing with lisa, leesa, and aaron to the Tanjong Pagar bridal studio lane, and they give you X number of shots for the display album.  From those who have gone through this process, what happens, is that it never seems to be ‘enough’.  You will feel very gian to take more / all the shots they have taken and either put it in the album or do god knows what with it.  And of cos there is the ‘wtf are you going to do with the album after the wedding?!’ issue.  For the first few mths, perhaps it’s on your coffee table, but really, after 1 year, how often will you look at it?  Several of my friends have told me that the album ends up in the store room.  Yar you pay so much to take up space in your store room.  What I’m going to do is blow up a few of these shots and frame it up and hang them on the wall of our house or in picture frames in the bedroom and that’s it.  Same for the outdoor shoot, I just want to blow up one or two for the actual wedding night to be placed outside the door and call it a day. The rest e-copy can already.

Same for my makeup artiste, unlike most makeup artistes, she said she will follow me throughout the day (until we break for the evening, and then again when I have to change gowns in the evening).  Usually, other makeup artistes will come once in the morning and once again at night and that’s it.  Paris even told me that she will be helping me into my gown etc, cause usually the jie meis are too busy with their own thing and the poor bride is left to walk in her gown on her own, sweeping whatever dirt/ stepping on it etc throughout the day.  (Yes can you not see me doing this?  I just hope I don’t drop food on my dress.  Someone keep lisa chong away from me if she is eating tim sum! Hahaha).  I’ve also heard that a lot of the boutiques spring all sorts of hidden / last minute costs on you.  Like fake lashes – not part of the package.  Dunno what ampoule thing – sometimes not part of the package.  Paris is even throwing in a spa session to get my skin vibrant before the wedding… HAHHAA.  Even things like accessories, she said she’d help me find and told me to give her the look and feel that I like etc (I have told her I like lady gaga!) and told me to send her pictures of the look and feel I want to achieve at each photo location.  She is quite thorough discussing with me what I liked and what I didn’t like and we’ll probably have another discussion once the dresses are done.

My dress maker is also looking to design something unique for me on my big day.  She has spent so much time with me coming up with designs, look and feel and also shopping for the right fabric etc.  She’s even trying to help me make sure that I can attempt to wear these dresses again so I don’t end up wasting money on a white elephant.  I totally love her tea dress idea which is a modern take on a traditional cheong sam.  I have told Paris that I want a lady gaga head gear to go with that.. AHAHAHHA.

Am so pleased that I’ve met all these people who are passionate about their craft that they always make sure that the end product looks good.  I always get the sense that I’m being ripped off at the studios but with these individuals, you get way more than what you pay for.  I also have not bargained with any of them, as I respect that it is their time and experience you are paying for.  Cannot afford, look for someone else cheaper (one of them did lower their quote when I told them that I could not afford them and was going to look for someone within my price range but I was serious in just leaving it at that).

Things left to do

  1. Pick out invite cards (doing that tom!)
  2. Confirm song list (waiting for jet to okay the list)
  3. Confirm outdoor shoot date + locations – jet is in charge
  4. Confirm look and feel for outdoor shoot
  5. Confirm guest list
  6. Confirm English MC (my cousin may not be able to attend)
  7. Confirm dinner start time – this is impt cause the band is play two sets and I will use the break to YUM SENG but it needs to be timed properly..
  8. SHOES!
  9. Jie meis need to get measured and have their dresses designed etc – they are in the midst of doing this
  10. Wedding colour scheme (this depends on the jie mei dresses cause I am lazy to think of one, whatever the dress maker feels works for ALL of them will be my colour theme for the wedding).
  11. Confirm wedding car – dunno what the jet wants
  12. Confirm florist!
  13. Tpt for families / relatives to wedding venue and back
  14. Food tasting date + whoever is suppose to go – jet is in charge

Think that’s it for now.  More later this week after we pick the invites etc.


okay the plan with the band

acoustic duo

3 sets?

2 sets for the entire wedding

1 set for an after party – AA please tell ONJ that we want the ballroom till whatever time is allocated to us until they clear up etc.. please don give me that nonsense about the ballroom being noisy when they are clearing up.. that’s what the band is for.. to drown out their noise and anyway they can do it in a less noisy fashion.

um, yeah we need to discuss their repertoire… will be sending it to doughnut to check out..