Ding ding ding part two – we can haz home!!!

After months of waiting, I’m proud to announce that we are proud home owners!!!

The journey started many moons ago, first with the several unsuccessful tries at getting a new flat…  Then we went to a show flat at redhill…  Only to get even more depressed at the fact that we had been unsuccessful at getting ridiculously small flats…  I believe Jet’s first remarks were “where are we going to put the pool table?!”  I was just too shocked at the size of the place (my bedroom is bigger than the master bedroom and let’s not even get started on what they are trying to pass for a kitchen) to say anything.

After the initial shocked had passed, we decided to look at resale flats, as they had better locations, bigger floor areas and way better amenities compared to the barren lands of sengkang and punggol where most of the new estates were located… We had a really good real estate agent (give me a buzz if you want his contact! He’s a fantastic agent who gives good advice on what to look out for in a flat), and unfortunately we also learnt a new acronym – COV, also known as cash over valuation.  This was basically what the home owners wanted over and above what the house was valued at.  In the two estates we were looking at, one was completely out of our range (the range was between 80k to 100k COV), even our agent was like don’t bother… The other place was averaging between 30k to 50k, however, many of the flats were too old to be worth that much… After a few months of being unsuccessful again, we were back looking a new but small flats…

At this point we were balloting for any of the new estates regardless of location… Yes, that’s how desperate we were.. And then one day, we got an email from the housing board saying that our queue number was 233 which were really good odds… The day finally came in jan 2008 for is to go down to pick our flat and today we collected our keys!!

We still have the final leg of the journey to go… Probably the toughest bit but it’s also the most exciting bit… Renovation works, furnishing and decorating our home…


finally, the wait is almost over

we’re finally getting our keys to our flat in ROHAN (okay it’s actually somewhere in sengkang.. **) in jan.. woot!  Now begins the insane task of looking for look / design of the place.. HMMM…


**we call punggol which is next to sengkang Mordor so we decided that Sengkang was rohan..

it’s been a mth since the wedding!!!

okay slightly over a month, heh and SOMEONE forgot about it and was hmming and umming when I called to ask him the most fearful 7 words a woman can say.. DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS?! heh. considering this is probably the only anniversary we’d agree on, you’d think someone would you know.. remember?!


anyway, sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been busy since I got back to work and to be honest, I’m kinda stuck writing on the events that happened on the actual day.  It’s not that I don’t remember, or that it’s all a blur or even that it happened too fast, quite the opposite, there’s so much to write!!!  from waking up in the morning to tea ceremonies to the actual wedding, every bit has so much detail and so much I have to say, I’ll probably have to break it down into several posts so that it doesn’t feel like so much at one go.

those of you who have me on facebook, you’d notice that the actual day wedding photos are also not up.. there are just too many frigging photos to go through, and I iz lazy.

anyway, since the wedding is over, I’m going to continue using this blog to write about the life of the au-chews post wedding here.  So far, we’ve

  1. celebrated halloween’s at Sue’s in crazy costumes!
  2. become aunty and uncle (two weeks into the marriage) Jet’s Sis-in-law gave birth… and now  I have a very cute niece with extremely chubby cheeks and slits for eyes so she always looks sneaky when she is looking at you.. hahaha..
  3. we’ve got our letter from HDB asking us for documents for our loan application which means we’re getting our house keys soon!

I’ve also started receiving the when are you going to have kids question… At first I tried honesty which was.. no kids, want cats. the reaction to this was

  1. strange looks and uncomfortable laughter
  2. followed by the you’ll want kids speech
  3. followed by sometimes, let me tell you a funny story about my kid so that you will want kids too (okay i dont mind this so much.. cause some of them are really funny… )

then I tried, what i thought was a Singaporean answer “don’t want, bringing up kids not easy plus they’re very ex you know” people tend to just jump straight to step two or sometimes even tell you that that’s not a good enough reason.. (WTF.. )

THEN i tried i’m not ready.. this seems to get people off my back….I know it kinda implies that we will want this in the future but if they shut up for now.. I’m okay..

All of these reasons are true.. I

  1. really want a cat, people dream of babies, I dream of a warm fuzzy butt to cuddle up with at night…
  2. think children are blood ex and HDBs are just not conducive to having kids (the rooms are so small!, of the three bedrooms, one room will be our bedroom, one for the games room and the final one I’m hoping to use as a wardrobe room.. okay Jet hasn’t signed of on that last room yet.. hur hur hur) and
  3. We’re like ginat kids ourselves and I don’t see that changing in the near future.

I’m not annoyed by the questions, but I’m just starting to get irritated with the ‘ayah you’ll want kids eventually’ bingoing.. .. if you’re so sure then why you ask me if i want kids or not.. waste time only..  And just cause i think my niece is cute doesn’t mean I have baby lust..  I’m just more fond of cats.. heh..

oh in other news… I’ve also cut my hair.. SHORT! i’ve been waiting for the wedding to be over so i can finally cut my hair (i haven’t had short hair since i was 5 and well, people thought I was a boy not a girl back then.. sigh).  Much to Jet’s dismay, it is super short.. though i think i can go shorter.. and i’m considering keeping this hair do for a while..the hair dries in like 15 mins!!! and i can shower faster than before!!! WOOT.. i hate bathing so anything to cut short the process is a PLUS!

anyway photos and actual wedding day post(s) will be up eventually.. HUR HUR HUR..


Hilton Hyatt Hotel Hubbub

Hello!  This is AA, also known as The J-thing.  It is no secret that the J-thing’s lifelong ambition in, er… life, is to be a jack of all trades, master of one; so today the J-thing tries his hand at Wedding Planning!

Some of you might know that I am going to be very free till end of the year, so I volunteered to help Daphne and Jet plan their grand wedding, and so my first job was to secure the first thing you need before you can have a wedding… the venue.

(Actually the first thing you need is someone to get married to, but aiyah they already have that, so next is venue lor.)

Sourcing for a venue is not as easy as it sounds.  There are a few factors to consider: ambience, location, food, cost, tackiness (I can write a whole post just on this…), and most importantly of all: the hordes of other couples out there who are consulting the same feng shui masters, geomancers, taoist priests, tea leaves, shake-shake sticks and whatnots and thus will all be sniping for the same dates that you are.  I kid you not: Regent Hotel even publishes a list of official hotel-identified ‘auspicious dates’ which warrant a higher premium!

Anyhow, I volunteered to take up this drudging task because I actually like the whole humdrum of planning, programming, co-ordinating, etc.  Not to mention too that in true J-thing fashion, from my experience dealing with hotel banqueting departments, most of the catering execs tend to have really nice phone voices, hahahahaha!

Initially it wasn’t very promising: all the venues I called were fully booked for all the dates proposed.  I was quite disappointed that Pan Pac wasn’t available because I was kinda looking forward to Hai Tien Lo’s food, heh.  But just when things weren’t looking good, after a few more phone calls, I managed to identify a few potential venues.  Some of these gave us a pencil booking so we have first dibs for a week.  The others worked on a fastest finger first policy—meaning that whoever comes down to view the venue and put down a deposit first gets the tentative booking. -_-

So the past couple of days have been spent poring over the packages each venue has sent, and I sent them all to Daphne with my comments like so:

The Hilton's Menu

What they look like now....

Right now the 2 most interesting/enticing ones are the Hilton and Hyatt, which are where we’re going to recce first.  Tomorrow’s the Hilton, and we’ll see when the Hyatt can accommodate us.

On a side note, Daphne and I have a wager going on: of the 2, one venue’s wedding woman sounds like an aunty whereas the other’s has a damn sweet SYT voice lah.  Daphne says she bets that when we meet them, it’ll be the other way around, but I’m still hopeful.  Well, we’ll see tomorrow…. 😀