final moments before the day

today was suppose to be a relaxing day, turned out to be quite a event-filled one, went to do my nails (with tonnes of bling btw!!), last min errands, had the girls come over to get dresses, check house, set up webcam, just chat. sue’s mom passed me two beautiful floral arrangements (pictures next time) put up double happiness stickers, last min rush to finish packing the house, pack my bags for the hotel etc..

jet had to go bank get ang pow money, and then go with ahmad to go get the flowers and the car decorated write his speech, change table seat plan etc etc…

and now it’s past midnight.. OMG WE’RE GETTING MARRIED TODAY!!!!!

okay it’s past midnight.. time to sleeeeeeeeeep


ode to my ahmad

so our ahmad* for the wedding was quite hyped up to wear the complete chauffeur get up with the skinny tie, black suit and hat but had difficulty finding said hat.  I had seen this hat while shopping for Kevin’s skipper hat for our photoshoot (which btw, HE DID NOT WEAR!!) but wasn’t sure about buying it cause while Keeve has a big head, this was a really big hat.   Fast forward to this week, keeve volunteers to brave the crazy weather and crowds at orchard road to go get this hat at FEP (perhaps it is also partly because of all the XMMs he will get to see while there!).

then yesterday i get a text from him saying “ZOMG! maybe i shld wear a mask and be Kato from Green Hornet.  lulz”.  i groaned inwardly knowing this could not be a good thing.  read about his great hat here.

oh and keeve, if you want I can get Mish to bling up your hat for you, but you must make hard gay sounds and action!

* local slang for driver


After a very stressful afternoon, I am pleased to announce that the table seating chart is DONE!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

things left to do

  1. collect dresses (some of the dresses didnt fit the girls.. who ask you all to lose weight!)
  2. buy photo frames
  3. buy jet’s shoes
  4. buy comp
  5. set up web cam
  6. go thru seating chart with minyi
  7. do nails
  8. go for spa
  9. send mom to hairdresser
  10. pack up the house a bit more
  11. collect head flower thing from kevin
  12. send hotel final list
  13. send hotel photo
  14. write thank you speech
  15. pay people!
  16. GET MARRIED!!!

sneak peek

i don’t actually have the rest of the photos with me, but here are two that we like and will be using that day..

let me know which one you thinks look better, we’re passing it on to the hotel to upload onto their lcd screens around the lobby



the this one

leave a comment! let us know!

to do list for this week!

1. confirm final guest list
2. table chart
3. buy shoes for jet
4. send over photo to hotel



Dear Boss Woman with the clipboard

So two months ago when the MOH and I were discussing jie meis and roles, she decided that while I had male jie meis,the girls would be in the main jie meis and decision makers while the boys would be calefare / extras.  When I mentioned this to henry, he went “NOOOOOOOOOO DAPHIEEEEEEEEEE I WANT TO BE A FULL FLEDGED JIE MEI, NOT CALEFARE.. ” I told him it was really out of my hands cause these things were decided by Lisa Chong, my Maid of Honour and I was going to respect that.  What I offered instead was to write a letter of recommendation for him, in the hopes to change her mind.  Henry was suppose to put this together with his application for jie meis and resume, but he never did!!  So here’s what I wrote for him.

Letter of Recommendation [you want to click it click it]

(btw, lisa chong has since said that he need not submit application form but an application video.  Henry has yet to do this… )


okay well actually we have taken photos. yes barely a month to the wedding and we’re just taking photos. Between our schedules, our photog’s, MUA and location availability + the mad rush to get the dresses ready, this was the ONLY date in sept that which could work and we did not have any back up dates.

Honestly I was pretty worried and stressed out the day before just cause there was a major mix up with the venue for the shoot and also there was the constant worry of what were we going to do if it rained. GAH.

Our venues for photo taking were Haji Lane, Zouk, Mili (Kev’s boat) and St John’s beach. I have to say the gods must have been smiling on us, because for all the stress and worry I had the day before, we had great weather AND we had fun.. (FUN!).

My dressmaker managed to get all three dresses (tea dress, white dress + evening gown) done in time for this shoot so we did one dress per location and with us in our nice(r) sailing clothes while we were on mili. I must say we had the most fun at Haji Lane with our white boards at props and i think we were the most relaxed on the boat. It’s quite sad that we got permission by Zouk to go take photos only to take quite a number of shots at the TOILET.

Much to the disgust/amusement of Eugene our photographer, we kept forgetting to smile and constantly looked ANGRY. we also (okay, I also) can’t take direction well. Seriously, so many times he was like. THE OTHER LEFT FOOT. oops. hahahhaha.

We also had such a big entourage, besides the photog, we had Paris our make up artiste, Siew Hwa our dressmaker, Aaron our friend who came along to drive us around and also help out with the lighting and kevin who let us use his boat for photo taking and bringing us to st johns. I felt like a rockstar with so many people coming out to help out. Really grateful to all who came along to help out.