Take four minutes and tell your partner your life story in as much detail as possible.

er. right. so my life in 4 mins. HMM.

I had a care free childhood. brought up by a tiger mom. before tiger mom’s were a thing, there was my mother. she is literally a tiger mom cause she is born in the year of the tiger. bahahaha.

I grew up in the western part of Singapore. Moving from holland v / ghim moh area to margret drive and finally settling into sunset way where my mom still lives now. I do not remember much of life before sunset way.

People used to think I was a boy. not just a boy, a Japanese boy. People would come up and ask if she was helping a Japanese family look after their son. For this, I thank my mom for my constant ricebowl haircut. I also did not inherit either of my parent’s double eyelids. They used to tell me they picked me up from the dustbin cause I looked nothing like them growing up.

I was what they call a waterbaby. I love to swim from the moment my uncle got me started when I was 3. I spent a lot of time at the pool and had all sorts of weird tan lines from wearing googles on my face. IIt’s been a while since i’ve swam and I miss it.

I loved school and studying. and was kinda a nerd. I am still closest to my friends I made from my sec school. Uni was when i felt that whole coming of age thing. I felt more comfortable in my skin and finally felt less awkward amongst my peers. I was still a nerd and would spend a lot of time in the library reading academic journals. for fun. during the holidays. (I did say I was a nerd).

I have worked at the same place for the past 11 yrs and counting. I sometimes still can’t believe i’ve been here this long. hahaha

I met Jet while clubbing. Ha! no surprises there. We went to our first zouk out togehter back in 2006 and never looked back. We even took our wedding photos at zouk because that place meant so much to us.

I still have much love for the sea and water. even though i don’t swim much now, I’ve learnt to dive and we’ve made sure we’ve gone for a dive trip every year since. I like the quiet of the sea and being completely enveloped in the calmness of the ocean. I used to sail a lot on my friend’s boat and I hope to pick it up again in the next year or so. I miss our long 3 week sails up to tioman and back. I like falling asleep under the canopy of stars, only to wake up in the morning and be able to just dive into the water for a short swim, come up for breakfast and swim again. rinse and repeat without a care in the world. the only thing we would think about was where to go and what to eat / cook for the next meal.

I love to cook. I wish had more time to do it. Not so much the cleaning up. hahaha. I like to think I’m a decent cook. So far in the past 5 yrs of cooking, i’ve only had one serious fail so not bad lah. I’ve recently gone on to try more Asian dishes like steam fish, chicken, curry, stews. not bad even if i do say so myself. I even broke through my mental barrier of cooking lamb last Christmas which was something that I always felt was really hard to to cook. Apparently it’s not. well

I have two cats. they are the love of my life. they also could not be more different from one another. they are also not friends. which annoys me. I’m secretely jealous of all the cat owners whose cats cuddle and groom each other. mine won’t even sit next to each other. but at least they arent killing each other so I’ll take it.

I love dancing as in serious dance classes type of dance. Lke Jazz and Contemp dance. I like moving to music and being able to leave everything going on in life at the door of the studio. The focus that i need for the class just makes me forget everything else for that 90 mins.

I have recently developed an expensive hobby of whisky appreciation. I try not to think about how much I have spent on this hobby in the last 2 yrs. hahaha.

i realise upon writing this piece that a lot of my hobbies involve me escaping life. HMM. well. ok anyway I think this is the 4 mins or more already so. THE END!

This is part of my on-going mini project to answer all 36 questions that would apparently accelerate intimacy between two strangers by asking a specific series of personal questions. I’m just doing this as a writing exercise and answer one each Sunday.


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