If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?

Hmm. this is a hard one. I’m of the belief that whatever happens in your past affects who you are, how you deal with it and what you take from it. I think a lot of my growing up phase has shaped who I am today and I’m grateful for that.

I didn’t exactly have the easiest of childhoods – growing up in a single parent household is never easy on parent or on child  – but my mom made it work for us. I think it helped that I have an extremely involved extended family who help out whenever they can in whatever way they can. I don’t look back with like regret / wishing somethings were different so i’m really not sure what I would change about it.

Maybe, and this is a big maybe, if I grew up in a more outwardly loving environment. My family is quite typically stoic asian. we don’t do this hug thing much or say i love yous etc. In fact we show our love in rather odd ways, now that I think of it. Think more like nagging the living day lights out of you or asking how your grades are (and if they weren’t up to the family standard, offer you help) or exclaimations of weight gain (the horror!) or loss (eat more eat more!) but all with the good intentions of really checking everything is ok with you.

I’m still a rather “hard” person, especially towards people whom I’ve just met. Jet and the maos have soften me up quite a bit so maybe just that but it still takes me a long time to open up to people or show some form of affection towards them. So maybe. Hmm.

I’m not sure if this answered the question oh well. HAHAHA.

This is part of my on-going mini project to answer all 36 questions that would apparently accelerate intimacy between two strangers by asking a specific series of personal questions. I’m just doing this as a writing exercise and answer one each Sunday.


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