Where Mel meets Mao

After we said yes to Mao coming, we started the standard cat arrival prep. set aside litter box in his room, beds, mats, water bowl, food etc and kept telling melvin he was to expect an older brother soon.

We did everything you were supposed to do, when mao finally arrived, we had them bring him in directly to the room and shut the door. While melvin was thrown into another room so he wouldn’t see him coming in. His old family passed over his old bed, carrier, some toys and food / litter etc and just like that, we became parents to another cat.

Now the introducing of Mao to Melvin and vice versa was one of the toughest things I’ve had to do. First couple of days, we kept Mao in his room so he could just get used to his new home. In fact, I spent most of the first week just sitting in the room with him, reading, sleeping and just ignoring him to get him used to our smell. During this time, Mao was still afraid of everything including us and would constantly run from us to hide or hiss.

Unfortunately, Melvin was also not the least bit happy that there was a new cat in the house and kept posturing outside the room and meowing. I’ve never heard him get so mad at anything before and kept having to reassure him.

melvin outside

unhappy cat is unhappy

After Mao seemed somewhat less afraid of us, we moved on to site swopping in weeks 2 and 3. What this means is that you swop cats and play with them in each other’s area. So Melvin got to into Mao’s room and Mao got the run of the house for a while. It did not really go well, cause Mao kept trying to hide. and Melvin was just distracted by the fact that there was a cat outside the room. During the first week, there was still almost no improvement. Between the meowing, hissing and worrying about both cats, it almost felt like we had a newborn in the house as we were getting up constantly to hush Melvin and got very little sleep.

In week three, there seemed to be some improvement. Melvin stopped trying to attack Mao and Mao was hissing less. In our sleep deprived state, we thought this was the breakthrough we were looking for and decided to let the cats have the run of the house for one night.

WE THOUGHT WRONG. We woke up to screaming cat sounds and a loud THUD sound and Melvin looking like this.

melvin tooth

boh gay boy

YAR MY STUPID BOY LOST A TOOTH. And you know what, he was probably the one lunging at Mao and either due to clumsiness ran into a wall or just Mao’s sheer size couldn’t actually bite him and lost his tooth in the process [I swear that cat is built like a truck with elephant or hippo hide].

The morning ended in tears on my end and apologising to Mel for not realising he wasn’t ready for it and calling the vet & my good friend Jenny, who came readily at 7 plus to pick the cats up to go to the vets for a check up.

True enough, Melvin had to go for dental surgery to remove the tooth but Mao was perferctly fine. 700 bucks later, everyone was back to at home shaken up but ok.



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