the story of mao

mao first day

mao came to us on Sept 28 2013. Someone had posted an adoption notice for a adult cat of 7 yrs on a fb group and i was like. OMG he looks like melvin, We must have him. (ok actually i’m like that with ALL cats, whether they look like melvin or not. bhahaha) so yes This someone turned out to be Dana who was asking for a friend / co worker? whose cat had to be looked after by her sister cause her mom in law refused to let the cat stay in the same home as her children. Sister was moving out of the parent’s home and so could no longer take care of the cat.

Dana by the way runs an awesome cake / pasteriere shop called Out of the Cake Box! been meaning to go by her place to say hello and try some but so far no time.

so anyway, bring mao home campaign starts with me constantly showing jet the photo of mao over and over again until he is like OK we can go see but no promises. HUZZAH!

we go visit the family with my mom and it soon became obvious that this cat was not going to survive on the streets if this family abandoned him. Not saying that they were, but they were also getting pretty desperate. He also wouldn’t survive a shelter.

He was a very timid cat. Like everything made him jump and as a result, hiss cause he was so scared. (As I am typing this, said cat is sprawled on my sofa, legs in the air, belleh for the world to see. HA!).


We left telling the family that we would think it through. By then i was determined that we bring mao home just cause he was never going to make it anywhere else.

So jet said ok, my mom said er are you sure. I said yes! and so we told the family we would take him!


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