i’m back!!!

god it’s been too long. my last post here was like 1.5 years ago. *flexes fingers* it’s good to be back!

Let’s see quick life update since the last post (and even then, it didn’t exactly say anything about my life).

  1. We’ve had an addition to the family! No no, not a baby, but a new mao whose name incidentally is Mao Mao. No, we didn’t name him and prefer to call him AH MAO. We got him about Oct 2013 when he was 8. He is a fatty bom bom, greedy, scaredy cat who is terrified of everything. Less so now but we saw him run away from a piece of paper he slipped on while walking just yesterday so HMM. Melvin and him aren’t friends but they now tolerate each other and sometimes we think they are playing with each other. not sure. It might just be that Melvin was being a dick and slapping him. We can never tell. Mao is a sweet boy who has come out of his shell a lot more in the last year and has been known to come up to our beds and release a load WOAH when he is demanding we feed him. He also recently bit me on the boob but that’s a tale for another time. Here’s the silly boy in all his fattiness.

    old man mao

    old man mao

  2. We’ve / I’ve started cooking a lot more and recently managed to cook lamb chops after years of not attempting to cooking it cause it looked so hard. Interestingly a friend was commented how weird this was considering that I could cook steak but freaked about lamb. but oh well. now we can have lamb.


    lamb chops!!

  3. I got injured while dancing a while back and never really went back. I hope to go back this year. We’ll see. if not, at least continue exercising
  4. post nepal, we’ve been to a few more places including Vietnam which has been on our travel list for so long and a dive trip a year so that’s really fun.
  5. oh and i’ve started a whisky hobby and kinda really liking cocktail bars in the last year or so. my bank acc and liver are quite unimpressed with me. HAHAHHA.
  6. OH and I now wear glasses! well at least when i’m reading / in front of comp. so funny story, apparently you’re not suppose to see giant halos when you look at bright lights. i have astigmatism in the 200s. it’s apparently something i’ve always had and er, never realised? this explains why when i switch to LCD/  LED screens i always had to put them super close to my face AND was constantly flagging down the wrong bus. HAHAHA. well that solved that.

think that’s the main major life updates. I’m hoping to get back on the writing horse this year. Have a few ideas for the blog this year including (but not limited to!)

  • tracking my reading (another post but i have an awesome reading list that i’m completely obesssed with right now. let’s hope it lasts. I am now on book two.
  • recording my cooking. it’s one thing to have pinterest for recipes i have / want to cook but I can’t like add comments / reviews etc so i’m going to do it here.
  • there was this weird list of questions someone developed last year i think where if you went on a blind date and asked that complete stranger that list of questions you’ll fall in love with him / her. HAHAH. look i find the questions fairly introspective so i’m going to attempt answering those questions myself and see where that leads me.
  • write about my trips. OMG. that nepal one never got done. i will attempt to finish that and my japan trip this year.

so that’s it for now. LEGGO 2016!!!






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