melvin’s many sleeping spots

the week we were going to adopt melvin, there was the mad rush on our end to quickly go get the house ready for Melvin.  The last thing we bought was a cat bed.

A bed that was never used cause SOMEONE doesn’t like it.  GRR.  Instead Melvin tends to go sleep at various other places such as

the washing machine

the ironing board


the sofa


on the arm of the sofa facing the planter bed

my bed, including the headboard

on the box next to daddy’s computer

the dining room chair

our bedroom window ledge

Finally one day we decided to take the cushion out of the cat bed since he wasn’t using it.  And guess what happened next..

yes the idiot boy immediately went to sit down in the the empty cat bed.



4 Comments on “melvin’s many sleeping spots”

  1. jaayx says:

    good job melvin =D

  2. damien1234 says:

    lolxx…. so he didn’t like the cushion ? hahaha…

  3. marajaded says:

    yar, he still walks around the cushion like it will eat it up like that GRRR

  4. Catherine Eaw says:

    Melvin’s just too sexy and hot for the cushion.

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