melvin’s never ending search for Narnia

I don’t know what is it with Melvin that he’s always running towards our cupboards the moment he hears them open.  One time he ran into Jet’s cupboard in the morning and was shut in cause Jet didn’t see him in it.  Luckily I heard him meowing while I was getting ready for work and let the silly cat out.. I swear he’s searching for Narnia..

hee hee hee faster than mommy!

ah ha! mommy’s cupboard is open!

you can't see me! you can'

I’m not here!!

daddy’t won’t notice me here!




2 Comments on “melvin’s never ending search for Narnia”

  1. Irene Chua says:

    Yah! Narnia, the lizard…hahaha

  2. Catherine Eaw says:

    In search of Aslan, the great lion.

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