wet food, dry food, raw food, cooked food

I know, sounds like something out of a Dr Seuss book right?  It’s the many, sometimes heated, debate on what’s best to feed our cats.  After reading as much as I can, here’s a summary of the pros and cons

Dry Food

Pros Cons
  1. Can be left out all day (convenient for humans, kitty won’t starve if you go back late)
  2. Suppose to be good for their teeth
  1. Even the good ones are full of fillers, the crap ones are worse (don’t get me started on Science Diet!)
  2. Cats must drink lots of water when on dry food which goes against their natural instinct (cat are desert creatures so they get water requirement from their prey, not by drinking water directly)
  3. Dry food does not clean teeth! When a cat chews dry food, it shatters into small pieces. In order to promote effective cleansing of tooth and gums, the food must remain in contact with the teeth and gums for a period of time.

Wet Food

Pros Cons
  1. High moisture content (typically 70% to 80%), most have better protein / meat source (still have to read the label to make sure it’s not full of carbs or fillers but it’s a better bet than dry food)
  1.  Can only be left out for shorter periods of time (compared to dry food) which is bad for cats like Mel who don’t eat at fixed timings and tend to graze
  2. Uneaten portion has to be refrigerated and heated up to at least room temp when served again (not exactly fuss free)
  3. Gives cats bad breath/ teeth /gum issues.
  4. at the end of the day it’s still processed food and who know’s what is going into it (would you eat canned food everyday?)

Cooked food

Pros Cons
  1. You know exactly what you are feeding your cat, no preservatives, no fillers, just pure meat
  1. Can only be left out for a short period of time
  2. Quite a bit of work to prep food for cat, esp when some of us don’t even cook food for ourselves regularly
  3. Hard to know if what you’re feeding is enough, and what sort of food to feed, are they getting enough nutrients
  4. your cat may ignore it altogether cause it’s not smelly like their canned food
  5. cooked food loses a bit of the nutrients and taurine content, there is a study by Dr Fransis Pottenger that claims that cats fed on cooked food were weaker than cats fed on raw diets (am intending to go get a copy of the book and find out more)


Pros Cons
  1. Supposed to be the closest thing to their natural diet in the wild
  2. More nutrients, better for their health / immune systems
  1. Can only be left out for about 30 mins max
  2. cats can’t graze
  3. bacteria on raw meat (i know cats stomachs are more acidic so they shld be able to deal with this, but part of me is wondering if our raw meat source is of good enough quality and i’m not prepared to shell out for hormone free raw meat)

So, where do we go from here? The more I read, the more I want to transition to fresh cooked food and read up a bit more before I consider moving to raw food.  Mel is on mainly canned wet food right now.  I am feeding him a variety from wellness and monge.  He really loves the Monge brand, he will run to the kitchen and wait then when he sees us walking with it, he will run to the his food area to wait and then eat it like he hasn’t eaten anything in days.  Monge is fish based (mainly tuna) which isn’t great for him, so I try to make the meals more balanced by mixing in the chicken or turkey formula from Wellness.  Will prob try cooked food in the coming months and if i do transition to raw, I have found a nearby place that sells BARF patties for cats.

And since no Melvin post is complete without a photo of him, here is Melvin sitting in a totally unglamorous “ah pek” (old man) position

3 Comments on “wet food, dry food, raw food, cooked food”

  1. burbur says:

    imagine if we put Melvin and Fido together. They will be lounging around in their ah pek positions, drinking beer and talking about Toto.

  2. Marajaded says:

    HAHAHAHAHHA.. yar man.. and then they’ll start licking their balls..

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