Tommy boy and Cherrie girl!

for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been bugging Jet about the idea of getting a cat soon.  We are doing okay in terms of keeping up with the housekeeping and are generally quite settled in our routine of living together in the new place.  Then last week, I read about Blessing Home and how the lady in charge had 165 cats to rehome before her lease ran out in Feb 2012.  I took it as a sign for us to get a cat, and Jet finally agreed to it.

After we decided to get a cat, there was much panicking on my side, what to buy, what to feed, is our house really cat friendly / cat proofed? So many questions were in my head and I felt like an anxious parent! I just really wanted to give our new cat a good forever home.

Fast forward to Sat when we (Jet, Lisa Foo and I) finally made our way down to meet Phyllis and her many man cats.  I honestly felt I had died and gone to heaven. The cats were all mostly friendly and so cute.  Many of them came up to me to sniff me, headbutt me, request for pettings, climbed all over.  I didnt want to leave the place.  Then we met Tommy, who instantly put his paws on me and requested to be carried and i swear the cheeky boy tried to kiss me. HAHAHAHA.  We were quite keen on him, but when we found out he was about 6 yrs, I was a bit hesitant.  Cats typically live to about 15 yrs.  Getting a 6yr old means I will only have him for about 9ish yrs more.  So we put him back on the floor and continued looking around.

While we were there, we met two nice ladies who were volunteers and they were giving me some tips on cat care, what to do what not to do etc.. and that’s when we met a calico named Cherrie, who constantly headbutted me violently while I was standing there and demanded to be petted.. NAO.  she event started pawing my boobs (i was like.. HELLO.!?) and sniffing my armpit and biting it.. (again.. quite wtf.. hahaha i had just showered okay!).. We found out she was about 2 to 3 yrs old and I was like.. HMM. this one could do as well.  We were told she has a more calm personality and that someone else had also already enquired about her, so if we were interested, we should let them know soon.  I was so excited that I forgot all about taking photos of and with the cats.. so I only have the one photo that Lisa Foo took of tommy and me


and of the cats in the basket.. lol.


We went back, slept on it, I tried to convince Jet that two cats were better than one! heh. but after much debate, we decided to get tommy boy.. He is an older cat, but apparently is still quite playful and will let you trim his nails and clean his ears without much fuss.. Jet also doesnt like Calicoes just on the fact that he doesnt like tri coloured cats.. yes he’s racist, but it is going to be our home and our cat.  Plus if someone else was going to adopt Cherrie, then at least two cats were going to get good homes rather than just one cat.  We also told Phyllis to let us know if Cherrie doesnt get adopted out when she has to move out..  we might consider a second one then.  I just hope Tommy boy will not get lonely here esp after living in a cattery with so many cats previously.

Oh and I asked my Mom if she wanted to adopt Cherrie instead and she was like.. I can’t have a cat here (my mom’s place will be a death trap for the cat right now.. ) but why don’t you adopt her in my name and leave it at your place.. I was like… we can’t adopt her.. that’s why I asked you.. -_____-”

With the help of Keeve, we are going to pick up tommy boy next week.  In the mean time I am now panicking over the fact that I have to get all the supplies ready before he comes home next week!

I’m really so excited and so happy!


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