long overdue update

wow, it’s been a while since I wrote anything here.  let’s see, where do I start..

Tioman trip was cool, except the parts where Kevin and I fell sick, leaving jet to do most of the heavy work (more on that once i get round to digging up my travel log of the trip).  After the trip I basically had 2 days in the country before I had to fly off to the US for a work trip.  Well more like going on a short course which happened to be at DISNEY LAND!! (yes how cool is that) and then an association’s convention which was really an excuse to eat and drink.. HAHAHA.. then came back and had like 2 weeks to pack and move! yes we  have moved in!  The renovation is not exactly100% done, but J wanted us to move in before the 7th lunar month so I moved in on 28th July (jet moved in on the 30th).

When I say the renovation is not completely done, I mean things like our additional kitchen table isn’t done yet, our add ons (side table, tv console for bedroom) we wanted aren’t done, but the house is livable.  We have the internet sorted out (long story, don’t ask) the lights are all at the height we want etc and my kitchen is fully functional! WOO.  the one last room to sort out is really the store room, which currently has the bedroom sink that came with the house.  We don’t want it and we’ve been asking my contractor to remove it but well he hasn’t.  So because of that we can’t get a storage rack in that room which means a lot of a spare / storage stuff are lying around.  After that, we will need to go get some paintings / posters framed (I have posters from the OATMEAL that are going on our room doors!), put up the wall decals and get some book shelves and we shld be good to go!

It is very odd to live full time with J.  But i can’t write about it now cause SOMEONE is peering over my shoulder and correcting my grammar.  GRAGHGDSFHOGI *cue angry face* Honestly, I think we are still adjusting to living with each other, even though we’ve been married for quite a while.  Especially the laziness surrounding the housework, the first two weeks were really exhausting!.  HEH.  Luckily, we have kinda found our own way about diving up the work, so far it seems to be working (Jet does everything! I just have to iron and apparently wash toilet.. ).

Think one of the hardest part for me was not talking to my mom everyday.  We make up for it by calling her every now and then (and she nags via text msging everyday!) and  it’s like she hasnt talked to anyone for a while so she talks nonstop when we meet up. HEH.  Of cos she also ninjas up to my place like a mystery elf delivering packages like food or things from her home every now and then too  and I try to meet her at least once a week.

Anyway going to watch some tv now, will post photos soon!


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