update on the house so far

we’ve had the keys to our place for just slightly over three months now, and if you take a look at our place now, it really looks like we just started our renovations. SIGH..  I guess it’s partly our own fault, first taking forever to check for defects, then the longest time to figure out what aircon we want and sort out the installation.  You see, you can’t start any renovation work until those two things are sorted out.  It also took us forever to figure out cabinet laminates and room colours so my poor contractor was actually chasing us to hurry up so he could start work.  It’s usually the client chasing the contractor on updates and to meet deadlines rather than the other way around.  Of course now, it’s all in his hands, and he’s taking a while.  Every time I ask him how long more, he says ‘two weeks’.  It’s been ‘two weeks’ for a while now.   But we’re not in a rush so, it’s okay.  The only thing is that now we’re going on our annual sail trip to tioman for 2.5 weeks in mid june and i may have to go on a biz trip almost immediately after that so we’d want to finish the thing before then.

We’ve also spent the last two months going around the island looking at various household stuff like

  • kitchen sinks,
  • taps (who knew there were so many types!! ack!),
  • lights (my neck was damn tired from look up all the time),
  • sofas (all the way to ulu land at sungei kadut!),
  • bed frames
  • coffee tables
  • tv consoles
  • dining tables
  • dish racks
  • electronics

yes, it’s been a tiring two months, and let’s not even go to the arguments we had over how big the damn fridge had to be (me: BIGGER IS BETTER, jet: NO COUNTER SPACE, rinse and repeat for one whole day).  Actually most of our conversations tended to be whether an item was too big or not.  things we have yet to buy / decide on

  • curtains vs blinds
  • tv
  • kettle
  • iron
  • ironing board
  • a decent mop (jet insisted on buying a regular mop, you know the dreadlocked looking one, and i don’t know how to use that.. i only know how to use the squeege sponge mop thing..)

there are actually a whole lot more but i think we’ll only by the tv next and just slowly see what we need.  I suspect we might some of these things as gifts (no that is not a hint, you don’t need to get us anything for the new house, but i think our family members may come with things and there are also the mom who have started buying all sorts of things so I want to see what they are first before we add more things).

i really am looking forward to moving in, this time my contractor has given us a date so it really is two weeks.. the final two weeks. hahahaha.  have decided today to use professional movers as I can’t be arsed to do the heavy lifting, plus i may have one or two bulky pieces of furniture to bring over so might as well just get them to move all my bajillion things.


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