We have stuff!!!

So we continued on our hunt for the right furniture (without breaking the bank) and made our way to some ulu furniture place in yew tee… okay actually the place is at sungei kadut but there is a shuttle bua from yew tee station… after walking all three levels our hearts were still set on a sofa set, bed frame and most of all the dining table.  We picked the same exact colour for the sofa and you can see Jet is getting comfy on it already.  Oh and it comes with a matching Ottoman which can go into the games room or for the cats to sleep on

the bed frame, we chose a black on black print and asked them to make the pillow thing on the headboard one piece instead of two… </ image

forgot to snap a photo of the dining table so you will just have to rely on my dedcription for now… The table is a round, 4ft in diameter and made of some black powder coated glass so it has a matte finishing (won’t have to worry about fingerprint stains on the glass top… yay!).  We also got dining chairs since they had a deal to get them for cheap… I’m not that impressed with the chairs mainly cause they’re leather and will be gross to sit on on a hot day… when I realised this morning that I could always get chair covers to deal with it…

Furniture left to buy…
1. Coffee table
2. Tv console
3. Computer chairs (we saw some ergonomic chairs but they’re like $1.7k each!!!!)

Other improve things to sort out…
1. Air con (without this we can’t start the reno)
2. Lights
3. Wall colours
4. Cabinet layout (we’ve picked out the colours.. now we have to decide where do drawers go etc…)
5. Lights
6. Electronics / white goods…


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