talking to ants?

a couple of nights ago, I was surfing some renovation forums and chanced upon a thread that was discussion people’s reno regrets.  Most of the thread was quite informative with people sharing design and product issues.. definitely a good read.. one poster that caught my attn mentioned that he regretted having counter tops with black spots as it is very hard to spot ants.. he then followed up with this..

U will find sometime, u are talking to the ants

move la..
u don’t move.. how I know where are u..
how to kill u..

where u come from.. where is ur friends..
don’t run so fast.. cannot see u la

I think I’m going mad liao..
talking to ants “


read the entire thread HERE


One Comment on “talking to ants?”

  1. P says:

    Oh ho ho ho ho I do that too sometimes XD

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