Quality me time

So, one of the things jet can’t stand is me hovering outside the toilet while he is having some quality me time inside… Of course what this means is he deals with me asking him what he is doing inside, how long he will be, is he done yet? How about now? Sort of questions constantly in a bid to get him to hurry up, or some times (okay, most times) just cause it amuses me… Hur hur hur…

I,on the otherhand, have no issues having complete conversations while meditating on the throne… However, someone today tried to do the same thing to me, asking me what i was doing in there and how long i’d be, only to have me answer him without breaking concentration, but also asked if he’d wanted me to open the door so that he could confirm what i told him… Cue someone going ‘ah!’ and running off as quickly as he could…. Heh heh heh


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