it’s been a mth since the wedding!!!

okay slightly over a month, heh and SOMEONE forgot about it and was hmming and umming when I called to ask him the most fearful 7 words a woman can say.. DO YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS?! heh. considering this is probably the only anniversary we’d agree on, you’d think someone would you know.. remember?!


anyway, sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been busy since I got back to work and to be honest, I’m kinda stuck writing on the events that happened on the actual day.  It’s not that I don’t remember, or that it’s all a blur or even that it happened too fast, quite the opposite, there’s so much to write!!!  from waking up in the morning to tea ceremonies to the actual wedding, every bit has so much detail and so much I have to say, I’ll probably have to break it down into several posts so that it doesn’t feel like so much at one go.

those of you who have me on facebook, you’d notice that the actual day wedding photos are also not up.. there are just too many frigging photos to go through, and I iz lazy.

anyway, since the wedding is over, I’m going to continue using this blog to write about the life of the au-chews post wedding here.  So far, we’ve

  1. celebrated halloween’s at Sue’s in crazy costumes!
  2. become aunty and uncle (two weeks into the marriage) Jet’s Sis-in-law gave birth… and now  I have a very cute niece with extremely chubby cheeks and slits for eyes so she always looks sneaky when she is looking at you.. hahaha..
  3. we’ve got our letter from HDB asking us for documents for our loan application which means we’re getting our house keys soon!

I’ve also started receiving the when are you going to have kids question… At first I tried honesty which was.. no kids, want cats. the reaction to this was

  1. strange looks and uncomfortable laughter
  2. followed by the you’ll want kids speech
  3. followed by sometimes, let me tell you a funny story about my kid so that you will want kids too (okay i dont mind this so much.. cause some of them are really funny… )

then I tried, what i thought was a Singaporean answer “don’t want, bringing up kids not easy plus they’re very ex you know” people tend to just jump straight to step two or sometimes even tell you that that’s not a good enough reason.. (WTF.. )

THEN i tried i’m not ready.. this seems to get people off my back….I know it kinda implies that we will want this in the future but if they shut up for now.. I’m okay..

All of these reasons are true.. I

  1. really want a cat, people dream of babies, I dream of a warm fuzzy butt to cuddle up with at night…
  2. think children are blood ex and HDBs are just not conducive to having kids (the rooms are so small!, of the three bedrooms, one room will be our bedroom, one for the games room and the final one I’m hoping to use as a wardrobe room.. okay Jet hasn’t signed of on that last room yet.. hur hur hur) and
  3. We’re like ginat kids ourselves and I don’t see that changing in the near future.

I’m not annoyed by the questions, but I’m just starting to get irritated with the ‘ayah you’ll want kids eventually’ bingoing.. .. if you’re so sure then why you ask me if i want kids or not.. waste time only..  And just cause i think my niece is cute doesn’t mean I have baby lust..  I’m just more fond of cats.. heh..

oh in other news… I’ve also cut my hair.. SHORT! i’ve been waiting for the wedding to be over so i can finally cut my hair (i haven’t had short hair since i was 5 and well, people thought I was a boy not a girl back then.. sigh).  Much to Jet’s dismay, it is super short.. though i think i can go shorter.. and i’m considering keeping this hair do for a while..the hair dries in like 15 mins!!! and i can shower faster than before!!! WOOT.. i hate bathing so anything to cut short the process is a PLUS!

anyway photos and actual wedding day post(s) will be up eventually.. HUR HUR HUR..


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