ode to my ahmad

so our ahmad* for the wedding was quite hyped up to wear the complete chauffeur get up with the skinny tie, black suit and hat but had difficulty finding said hat.  I had seen this hat while shopping for Kevin’s skipper hat for our photoshoot (which btw, HE DID NOT WEAR!!) but wasn’t sure about buying it cause while Keeve has a big head, this was a really big hat.   Fast forward to this week, keeve volunteers to brave the crazy weather and crowds at orchard road to go get this hat at FEP (perhaps it is also partly because of all the XMMs he will get to see while there!).

then yesterday i get a text from him saying “ZOMG! maybe i shld wear a mask and be Kato from Green Hornet.  lulz”.  i groaned inwardly knowing this could not be a good thing.  read about his great hat here.

oh and keeve, if you want I can get Mish to bling up your hat for you, but you must make hard gay sounds and action!

* local slang for driver

7 Comments on “ode to my ahmad”

  1. keeve says:

    No bling! No frower! Nothing! My hat stays as cool as it should be, like Jay Chou as Kato! *Hiss*

  2. jemauvais says:

    Hahahaha I was about to offer and say he can borrow my peak cap if he wants.

    —but on second thought….

  3. P says:


  4. Mi says:

    I can do rainbow coloured bling.. so it matches the “hard gay sounds and actions”.

    wtf are xmms??

  5. L says:

    @Mi – xmms are not what we are… at least not anymore… 小妹妹

  6. […] Well, Madam Chew gave her due recognition to my services as the chauffeur for the day in her recent post. […]

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