so what is orange and round?

and don’t say oranges..

so my cousin is suppose to bring Jet oranges before opening the car door for him (apparently it’s for good luck) and on the way home yesterday we were wondering what my cousin could bring to him that was similar to oranges but werent.. here’s the list so far

  1. grapefruits
  2. pomelos (okay they are not orange in colour but they are the right shape)
  3. carrots (orange but not round.. )
  4. baby carrots
  5. pumpkins (esp with halloween around the corner.. hahah)
  6. mangoes (close to orange colour and shape)

leave a comment if you have more suggestions!! hahaha



5 Comments on “so what is orange and round?”

  1. AA says:

    Why cannot just use oranges?

  2. marajaded says:

    cause it’s more fun to bring something other than oranges

  3. Chel says:

    basketballs??? but it has lines…

  4. Laura Reid says:

    round, orange-scented candles but could be a fire hazard

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