Dear Boss Woman with the clipboard

So two months ago when the MOH and I were discussing jie meis and roles, she decided that while I had male jie meis,the girls would be in the main jie meis and decision makers while the boys would be calefare / extras.  When I mentioned this to henry, he went “NOOOOOOOOOO DAPHIEEEEEEEEEE I WANT TO BE A FULL FLEDGED JIE MEI, NOT CALEFARE.. ” I told him it was really out of my hands cause these things were decided by Lisa Chong, my Maid of Honour and I was going to respect that.  What I offered instead was to write a letter of recommendation for him, in the hopes to change her mind.  Henry was suppose to put this together with his application for jie meis and resume, but he never did!!  So here’s what I wrote for him.

Letter of Recommendation [you want to click it click it]

(btw, lisa chong has since said that he need not submit application form but an application video.  Henry has yet to do this… )

One Comment on “Dear Boss Woman with the clipboard”

  1. Patsy says:

    omg! that song! that dance! LOL! the guys at indoor are very good at this, so you need tutors ask them. wahahahahahaha

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