okay well actually we have taken photos. yes barely a month to the wedding and we’re just taking photos. Between our schedules, our photog’s, MUA and location availability + the mad rush to get the dresses ready, this was the ONLY date in sept that which could work and we did not have any back up dates.

Honestly I was pretty worried and stressed out the day before just cause there was a major mix up with the venue for the shoot and also there was the constant worry of what were we going to do if it rained. GAH.

Our venues for photo taking were Haji Lane, Zouk, Mili (Kev’s boat) and St John’s beach. I have to say the gods must have been smiling on us, because for all the stress and worry I had the day before, we had great weather AND we had fun.. (FUN!).

My dressmaker managed to get all three dresses (tea dress, white dress + evening gown) done in time for this shoot so we did one dress per location and with us in our nice(r) sailing clothes while we were on mili. I must say we had the most fun at Haji Lane with our white boards at props and i think we were the most relaxed on the boat. It’s quite sad that we got permission by Zouk to go take photos only to take quite a number of shots at the TOILET.

Much to the disgust/amusement of Eugene our photographer, we kept forgetting to smile and constantly looked ANGRY. we also (okay, I also) can’t take direction well. Seriously, so many times he was like. THE OTHER LEFT FOOT. oops. hahahhaha.

We also had such a big entourage, besides the photog, we had Paris our make up artiste, Siew Hwa our dressmaker, Aaron our friend who came along to drive us around and also help out with the lighting and kevin who let us use his boat for photo taking and bringing us to st johns. I felt like a rockstar with so many people coming out to help out. Really grateful to all who came along to help out.


2 Comments on “OMG WE HAVE PHOTOS”

  1. burbur says:

    and there I was expecting photos here!
    i did a photo shoot with Eugene once. I’d say his instructions suck 😛

    Eug: lift your foot!
    Me: *lifts foot*
    Eug: not like that! like that! *demonstrates*

  2. marajaded says:

    AHAHAHAHHA.. i don have the photos yet.. just saw the preview two weeks ago.

    he kept trying to demo how to do an egyptian pose but it looked weird and then he say my hand wrong.

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