to do list

things done
1. picked out wedding cards
2. got jie meis measured and dress designs done
3. got uncle measured
4. confirmed with the band on third set
5. confirmed look and feel with MUA and Photog
6. more or less decided on theme
7. had food tasting..

things to do
1. collect wedding cards on thurs 7pm
2. send out wedding cards
3. props for photoshoot
4. get fitted for the wedding dress / suit for jet
5. jie meis to get fitted
6. confirm guest list for 2nd oct
7. figure out schedule on actual day (okay this is almost done!)
8. RSVP list
9. table seating plan (GROANS)
10. confirm changes in menu w hotel
11. new glasses for jet (otherwise he will look like a chee koh pek* with his transition lenses)
12. sort out jet’s outfits for the photoshoot
13. buy shoes!
14. send band set list
15. do up ops plan for wedding.
16. check that aa is free to help for shoot

*sleazy old man


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