okay the plan with the band

acoustic duo

3 sets?

2 sets for the entire wedding

1 set for an after party – AA please tell ONJ that we want the ballroom till whatever time is allocated to us until they clear up etc.. please don give me that nonsense about the ballroom being noisy when they are clearing up.. that’s what the band is for.. to drown out their noise and anyway they can do it in a less noisy fashion.

um, yeah we need to discuss their repertoire… will be sending it to doughnut to check out..


3 Comments on “okay the plan with the band”

  1. jemauvais says:

    Orh okay will tell her.

    How big is their repertoire? Can print out? Then we can discuss over dinner tomorrow.

  2. marajaded says:

    can can… eh how many songs in one set? 12?

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