blissful brides my ass

so today, as the hubs and i were at cold storage grabbing some groceries and i spotted this gold box in the magazine rack and was like.. ooh what’s this?  Now I have only bought one bridal mag before and that’s cause it had the padme amidala’s costumes from starwars episode two in it.  Aside from that i’ve never really bothered with women’s mags.  Anyway, this gold box thing contained a bridal mag and  I was like, well, it’s time to start looking for wedding dress designs and what better way than to look at a bride’s mag.   Okay, it also looked like it came with a nice calender diary but it turned out to be some foldable nonsense thing.


the bloody mag is 1 inch thick and there wasn’t a single gown that looked nice to me!! seriously, the mag is so damn big, so ex, and bloody heavy and NOTHING! so since it’s obviously not useful to gown selection, I bring you 8 great uses for this blissful my ass brides magazine

  1. weights – train up triceps and biceps
  2. doorstop (credit: Sue)
  3. paperweight
  4. kachang puteh wrapper (credit: jet)
  5. killer litter – drop on unsuspecting enemies
  6. body protection, just strap to back or front to prevent knife stabs
  7. booster seat
  8. coasters (thick paper inserts are great for these)

seriously, why do i bother with these magazines..


2 Comments on “blissful brides my ass”

  1. jemauvais says:

    Before you trash the mag, let me see it first leh.

  2. adoughnutaday says:

    yah me too me too

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