The Regent

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!  (Or so it may seem lah….)

Well, bride likes The Regent, more importantly MIL suggested The Regent, and groom has no say, so let’s see if this pans out.

Plus points: elegant cocktail area, free jazz band, ceiling is higher (even though she said it’s lower than Hyattttttttt!), I love the decor themes, and coordinator also very personable and easy to talk to (and laughs at my corny jokes).  The hotel just has a rather grand and magnificent feel to it, and the ballroom is not an anti-climax after the cocktail area.  Location is outside ERP, and you won’t have people walking in “just to use toilet”, etc.

Minus points: the 2 erm… urns (but that’s apparently fengshui so cannot touch), nearest toilets are small, quite far from MRT, cocktail area is right in the open (so people can gawk.  I seriously don’t think her helpers are going to go up to gawkers to ask them if they are part of the wedding guests, if not please FOAD), and I am very thirsty!! 😛

Eh, since the fountain in front is also fengshui, can we put colour spotlights on it to make it colourful fengshui fountain?  Then the luck will increase!


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