shapes of your dresses

I think these shapes will work for you.

1. The SATC dress but not so low cut and no layers.

2. dress with hips – this will create some hip for you, but with short sleeves or sleeveless.

3. grecian form – gives you a high waist, hides the torso but still looks elegant without being overly girly or flowy. (see the one on the left, i think as an evening dress it could still work for your height)

I’ll look around somemore and see what else comes to mind.


3 Comments on “shapes of your dresses”

  1. jemauvais says:

    I vote for Grecian form or Hips #2. Hips #1 is like… I dunno, something just looks off somewhere.

  2. marajaded says:

    i like the grecian dresses.. i’m just afraid they’ll look like pjs on me…

  3. jemauvais says:

    No lah, if you do it properly it won’t. But it will really depend on the stylist/tailor already lor.

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