Hilton Hyatt Hotel Hubbub

Hello!  This is AA, also known as The J-thing.  It is no secret that the J-thing’s lifelong ambition in, er… life, is to be a jack of all trades, master of one; so today the J-thing tries his hand at Wedding Planning!

Some of you might know that I am going to be very free till end of the year, so I volunteered to help Daphne and Jet plan their grand wedding, and so my first job was to secure the first thing you need before you can have a wedding… the venue.

(Actually the first thing you need is someone to get married to, but aiyah they already have that, so next is venue lor.)

Sourcing for a venue is not as easy as it sounds.  There are a few factors to consider: ambience, location, food, cost, tackiness (I can write a whole post just on this…), and most importantly of all: the hordes of other couples out there who are consulting the same feng shui masters, geomancers, taoist priests, tea leaves, shake-shake sticks and whatnots and thus will all be sniping for the same dates that you are.  I kid you not: Regent Hotel even publishes a list of official hotel-identified ‘auspicious dates’ which warrant a higher premium!

Anyhow, I volunteered to take up this drudging task because I actually like the whole humdrum of planning, programming, co-ordinating, etc.  Not to mention too that in true J-thing fashion, from my experience dealing with hotel banqueting departments, most of the catering execs tend to have really nice phone voices, hahahahaha!

Initially it wasn’t very promising: all the venues I called were fully booked for all the dates proposed.  I was quite disappointed that Pan Pac wasn’t available because I was kinda looking forward to Hai Tien Lo’s food, heh.  But just when things weren’t looking good, after a few more phone calls, I managed to identify a few potential venues.  Some of these gave us a pencil booking so we have first dibs for a week.  The others worked on a fastest finger first policy—meaning that whoever comes down to view the venue and put down a deposit first gets the tentative booking. -_-

So the past couple of days have been spent poring over the packages each venue has sent, and I sent them all to Daphne with my comments like so:

The Hilton's Menu

What they look like now....

Right now the 2 most interesting/enticing ones are the Hilton and Hyatt, which are where we’re going to recce first.  Tomorrow’s the Hilton, and we’ll see when the Hyatt can accommodate us.

On a side note, Daphne and I have a wager going on: of the 2, one venue’s wedding woman sounds like an aunty whereas the other’s has a damn sweet SYT voice lah.  Daphne says she bets that when we meet them, it’ll be the other way around, but I’m still hopeful.  Well, we’ll see tomorrow…. 😀


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