evening dress idea

I’m getting a dress maker to custom make my dress, not because I have loads of money to throw at this, but well, I’m short and not exactly thin (no teapot jokes please…) and I don’t think I’ll be able to find anything off the rack that would fit and look good on me.  This dress maker has said she’d help me work within my budget and so now I’m on the quest for the search of THE dress.  I’m thinking I’ll need 3,  the white one, the traditional Chinese qi pao and an evening dress.   Jet will need a suit.  Bridesmaids will also need dresses.  Brothers can sort themselves out, as long as they wear a suit with a proper shirt underneath it and a tie they’ll be alright.

So anyway, I found this off Martha Steward’s Wedding Site.  I kinda like the beading on this dress, but not the colour.

Definitely not this colour, MOH has suggested reddish purple. I am quite keen on it.  Will see if dress maker can do this.

One Comment on “evening dress idea”

  1. jemauvais says:

    Definitely not this colour! At first I thought it was like, umm… see-through!

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