to do list

OMG so many things to do! better make a list..

  1. Guest List
  2. book a hotel (okay Aaron is on this)
  3. book a photographer & videographer
  4. get a gown or two
  5. flowers
  6. wedding favours?
  7. invite cards – do we do something special or use the ones supplied by the hotel?
  8. afternoon reception food at both houses
  9. outdoor shoot on kev’s boat.. okay might need to let him know about this
  10. get a dress for outdoor shoot, what the hell would jet wear for this?
  11. bridesmaids’ dresses + flowers
  12. music
  13. band?
  14. hair and make up, will we need to do a trial?
  15. program for the actual night.. I don’t want it to be boring, regular wedding stuff
  16. seating arrangement
  17. thank you speech

That’s all I can think of for now..


One Comment on “to do list”

  1. jemauvais says:

    #13 I have Alvin’s email so once venue and date are more or less confirmed we can start talking to them about getting 53A in.

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